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1Bitsy STM32F415 Development Board

Open-Source Miniature Breadboard Friendly ARM Cortex-M4F Dev Board with 1MB Flash, 196kB RAM, 168MHz, floating point and more.

What is it?
1Bitsy is a debuggable open source STM32F415 development board. Designed for beginners as well as advanced users that want more control over their embedded software by exposing the JTAG/SWD debug interface that is compatible with the Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD debugger with built in GDB server.

What makes 1Bitsy special
The main goal of the 1Bitsy platform is openness. We want to provide a platform that is not artificially trying to hide complexity to provide a false sense of simplicity but rather expose the amazing power of an ARM Cortex-M4F core and the STM32F415 peripherals to take advantage of. Also the chip we have chosen has lots of space for your code and runs at 168MHz making it a fast and spacious work horse.


    • STM32F415RGT6 ARM Processor
    • 168MHz core clock
    • 192kB RAM
    • 1MB Flash
    • I2C, UA(S)ART, SDIO, Timers, ADC, DAC, SPI, I2S, USB FS, USB HS
    • Hardware accelerated AES encryption
    • User controllable LED
    • User controllable Button (it’s not a reset button :D)
    • Fits on a bread board for easy prototyping
    • Exposed JTAG and SWD debugging/programming interfaces
    • Designed for painless software development with the Black Magic Probe debugging tool.
    • Can be used as a standalone dev kit using DFU bootloading

For more information, check out the 1bitsy home page or Github page.


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