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Black Magic Probe V2.1

Sold out.

Plug and Play JTAG/SWD USB programmer and debugger with a built in GDB server and TTL level UART to USB adapter.

What is it?

Black Magic Probe Mini V2.1 (BMPM2) designed by 1BitSquared in collaboration with Black Sphere Technologies is a JTAG and SWD Adapter used for programming and debugging ARM Cortex MCUs. Its the best friend of any ARM microcontroller developer.

Black Magic Probe gets rid of intermediate programs like OpenOCD or STLink server. This makes the operation faster and more reliable. You just open your GNU Debugger (GDB) and select the virtual com port offered by BMPM2 as your extended remote target. For a full description and how-to visit the projects visit the Wiki page on GitHub.


  • GDB server port without the need of special PC side software.
  • TTL level serial interface
  • SWD and JTAG support
  • Supports 1.7V up to 5V targets using dual supply line transceivers
  • Can provide 3.3V to the target (up to 100mA)
  • Semihosting support (printf and file access from your code without additional serial port)
  • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Works with Atom, VisualStudioCode and many other modern text editors and IDEs
  • Supports STM32, LPC11, LM3S, and more. See the supported platforms page for a list of processors and dev boards. 
  • DroneCode compatible

For additional product details, see the official site black-magic.org

What does this kit come with:

  • 1 x Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD programmer and debugger board
  • 1 x 10 pin 0.05" pitch ribbon cable (standard ARM Cortex Debug connector cable)
  • 1 x Flywire 0.1" pitch cable for USB to UART interface on the back of the board
  • 1 x 7pin 0.1" pitch breakout board

Need a dev kit?
The 1Bitsy development board is a small, full featured dev kit designed to work with the Black Magic Probe. 


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