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Pi Crust V5

This is a bare Joe Walnes's Pi Crust board.     It's an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi, making it convenient to attach peripherals.


Changed since V4:
* The shape of the slot in the middle of the board has been altered to accommodate the new connector of the Revision 2 Raspberry Pi.

Version 4 is also still available.

Pi Crust Features

  • Really compact - sits inside the surface area of the Raspberry Pi and adds less than 2mm to the height. If you have a case for your Raspberry Pi, this board may well fit inside it.
  • Pins are grouped together: GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART and power.
  • Every pin is clearly labelled.
  • Connections: 2 x SPI, 2 x I2C, 1 x UART, 8 x GPIO.
  • Uses female headers instead of male headers - you can poke jumpers right in.
  • Lots of GND and 5V pins - you need those guys a lot. These pins are duplicated where it makes sense (e.g. within the UART, I2C and SPI groups).
  • All thru-hole components - you can solder it yourself.
  • Cheapety cheapy cheap.
  • Open source hardware.


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